Reflections_COVER5_2017-200In the fifth issue of Reflections on Process in Sound, Trish Scott considers The Making of ‘Medium’, an installation for the Whitstable Biennale 2016 based on predictions by a number of psychics about what kind of work the author might produce; improviser and poet Jude Cowan Montague explores how she is Re-performing the Role of the Female Backing Singer; in On Dis-location: Listening and Re-composing with OthersXimena Alarcón reflects on working with aspects of migration and dislocation, focusing on improvisatory sound practice when listening and performing remotely via networked technologies; James Webb investigates All the Unseen Things, addressing issues of religious expression, migration and environmental concerns; Cathy Lane contributes her Manifesto For New Listening. readmore1b


Issue4-Cover1In the fourth issue of Reflections on Process in Sound, Chris Weaver considers the development of Variations for Rooms and a Tone during a collaborative residency with Fari Bradley in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; SoundFjord‘s Helen Frosi and Stephan Barrett muse about their collaborative project Postcards from the Volcano; Melbourne based Catherine Clover gives us an example of her species-spanning listening practice; Salomé Voegelin and David Mollin explore their writing practice via the transcript of a talk for Nietzsche, Cyclists and Mushrooms at the Kunstraum Riehen in Switzerland; Magz Hall introduces,Tree Radio, an out-door installation at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. readmore1b


Issue3-Cover1-draftSMIn the third issue of  Reflections on Process in Sound, Viv Corringham gives an account of how her ongoing series Shadow-walks came about, as an amalgam of singing and walking; jez riley french considers three specific trips he took this year to record telefericas, geological dissolves and other fascinations in Italy and Iceland; Felicity Ford explores how wool and sound come together for her in her project KNITSONIK, with some excursions into feminist concerns; Michelle Lewis-King explains how and why her Pulse Project blends accupuncture with sound; Jo Hyde considers his take on visual music; Rob MacKay discusses the parameters of the world’s first concert for artificial and human voices. readmore1b


RoPiS 2 coverThe second  issue of  Reflections on Process in Sound features an interview with Brandon LaBelle by Anna Raimondo; Tansy Spinks reflects on her process creating site- specific performances; a conversation between Lucia Farinati and Claudia Firth considering process on the cusp of curating and creating; Rita Correddu, Elena Biserna and Lucia Farinati examine a project of readings of ‘Autoritratto’ by Italian feminist Carla Lonzi; an annotated journal entry by Maria Papadomanolaki. readmore1b


ReflectionsCover-smThe first issue of Reflections on Process in Sound features an interview with Alvin Lucier by Louise K. Wilson, a survey of collaborative working methods by the Sound & Motion Improvisation Research Group in Helsinki, a reflection on audio-visual relationships in live performance by Matthias Kispert of D-Fuse, a discussion of a sound/sculptural work by Mike Blow, an investigation of feminist strategies emerging from the Her Noise project by Holly Ingleton, and a short text on sonic materiality by Rahma Khazam. readmore1b